Women Development Unit

Women Development Unit

Most of the women are to live in some of the most oppressive soci-conditions in all of India. Women’s empowerment programs listed below:

Self-Helf Groups

Self-Help Groups provide platforms through which women can acquire new information, skills, and an economic self-reliance.

* Nutrition, health and hygiene;
* Establishing savings accounts and communal funds, financial record;
* Management of micro credit lending schemes;
* Developing and maintaining of small scale cottage industries, such as masala (spices) making, bag making, metal utensil making;
* Organic pesticides and fertilizers, seed banks;
* Construction, use and repair of rainwater harvesting structures;

In this sector, women engage in income generating programmes. The strategy comprises:

1. Implementation of income generating programmes for women belonging to specially disadvantaged group (s). The organizing agency is required to become a partner with the beneficiary in setting up of self-employment schemes for a suitable period, after which women should be able to sustain the programme on their own.
2. Development of an integrated approach to natural resource management with women as primary actors in the utilization and management of natural resources.
3. Adoption of a holistic approach for the empowerment of women belonging to specially disadvantaged groups through education, awareness creation and skill formation.
4. Evolving replicable models for promoting the participation of women in entrepreneurial and economic activities, production of value-added goods and services, professional careers, activities related to social reform and in the democratic of participatory wasteland and natural resource regeneration schemes involving women and Panchayats.
5. Projects which foster health promotional activities at the community level, with emphases on empowerment through information dissemination and participative decentralized micro- planning.