An Appeal

An Appeal


Dear friends, followers of Sardar Patel and all patriotic as well as nation loving persons,

We would like to introduce the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation as a non-profit non-government organization, whole-heartedly committed and dedicated to enliven the most precious memories of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India. It is our misfortune that the memories of this Iron Man are gradually fading from our memories and we do not have even a single Memorial befitting to the stature of Sardar Patel in New Delhi. The vision of the Foundation, therefore, is to build a Memorial of the Iron Man, who is the chief architect and designer of the integrated and united India by integrating 565 princely states into the Union of India, which was considered an impossible task in the fraction ridden India in the late forties and early fifties. The Memorial would be an all inclusive simple but grand memorial with necessary infra-structure, befitting to the stature of this all time great man, Sardar Patel. The Foundation also honours selected eminent scientists, technocrats, educationists and patriots, committed to the nation building every year and also to the ideologies of this great man.

The Foundation seeks generous contribution from all patriotic persons all over the world in fulfilling the objectives of the Foundation, which will be an invaluable contribution towards building the proposed Memorial in the loving and evaluating memory of Iron Man, Sardar Patel. This will an all time great Memorial not only for the present generation, but also for posterity.

Though Sardar Patel needs no introduction to any patriotic person, we lay down a brief introduction to Sardar Patel, an introduction of the Foundation, its mission, objectives and activities your kind attention and benevolent contribution to the most noble cause:



Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel, popularly known as Sardar Patel was born on October 31, 1875. Even after a flourishing practice at Ahmedabad, Sardar Patel plunged into public life in the year 1917, when he was elected as a Councilor of the Ahmedabad Municipality and came into contact with Mahatma Gandhi. Vallabhbhai condemned the British Rulers for their atrocities in Punjab, the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh. Vallabhbhai supported the Khilafat Movement and criticised the treatment meted out to Turkey and West Asian countries after World War I. In the meantime, the Congress at Calcutta had started the Non-Cooperation Movement under the leadership of Gandhiji. “Swaraj within a year” became the battle cry. On August 1, 1923 in pursuance of Gandhiji’s programme of Swadeshi, the people of Ahmedabad made a huge bonfire of their foreign clothes. Vallabhbhai’s barrister’s robes, about a dozen suits, 250 collars, neckties and pairs of shoes were consigned to the flames.    

As a grass-root politician, Sardar Patel was quite conscious of the grave economic implications of the British policy of exporting raw materials. He declared that the “Englishmen import cotton worth five crores of rupees from India and send to Indian Textiles made from that cotton which are worth sixty crores of rupees. The money which they got was utilised to appoint Commissioners and Collectors to buy guns, which are used to keep the Indians under their heels.” Vallabhbhai Patel played a great role in organising a successful non-cooperation movement in Gujarat, which were to become the harbinger of similar movements on a much bigger scale in the country at large. Vallabhbhai took active part in India’s struggle for independence. Such was his commitment to the cause of India’s independence that even Gandhiji has to make a special mention of it at prayer meeting at New Delhi, a little before independence, saying that “Sardar had enjoyed a comfortable practice at the bar. He earned money as well as the gratitude of his clients, but he voluntarily chose the path of misery and suffering to serve the county as the elders of his family had earlier done”.

Soon after independence, as Deputy Prime Minister and Union Home Minister of India, Sardar Patel unites 565 princely states with the mainstream India after the British Raj came to an end and became the Iron Man of India. In 1991, Sardar Patel was conferred with ‘Posthumously’ Bharat Ratna for his great services towards the nation. No doubt, Sardar Patel left an indelible mark in Indian politics.


The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation, a Charitable Trust, was formed on June 18, 2003 vide Reg. No. 4871 in New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri Ram Avtaar Sastry, for propagation of ideals and principles of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, driven by an extraordinary dream that no human being would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection and development. He felt that there is a need to improve the situation of the underprivileged Indian citizen and so as to help the society achieve substantial sustainable growth and human progress by placing responsibility in the mainstream of business practice.

The Foundation is based on Humanity and Human rights to work for the improvisation of the weaker section and has been creating health awareness all over India and abroad. The main foresight of the Foundation is to concentrate upon the health awareness and education programme and implementation. The Foundation catalyzes a national movement for universalisation of elementary education in India. It has achieved significant improvement in the quality of education as a sustained method for attracting and retaining children in the school.

In loving memory of Sardar Patel, the Foundation is organizing annually International Prestigious Sardar Ratna and Sardar Patel Awards, awarded to those distinguished persons, who have significantly contributed towards nation building and/or towards technological and scientific advancement in a particular field of eminence, in which they are the well known experts.


1. To render assistance to educate underprivileged people who are economically backward.
2. To extend financial assistance to poor neglected families in India.
3. To organise programmes for the Welfare of Handicaps, Child Development, Women Development, Disabled Person Welfare, Rural & Urban Programmes, Health Programme, etc.
4. To publish Literature and Books for untouched facets of Sardar Patel.
5. To organize Seminars, Symposiums, Debates and Memorial Lectures on National and International issues.



To generate a corpus fund for purchasing 3-5 acres land in NCT of Delhi for the purpose of building a suitable memorial, a comprehensive library, a photography exhibition, meeting/conference rooms, auditorium, research center, etc. in the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.



As a Deputy Prime Minister and Union Home Minister of Independent India, Vallabhbhai Patel was staying in the Bungalow No.1, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi till his death, but we do not even remember the historical significance of this bungalow, what to talk of honouring this home  either as a Memorial or any kind of Museum for his memory. This bungalow is occupied by capitalist Shri Daya Krishan Khandelwal’s family.

In this connection, we had approached to the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India for allotting Bungalow No.1, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi or any other suitable bungalow for memorial of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in New Delhi, but the Government of India denied the foundation’s request vide letter no. 7/173/89-TS dated February 6, 2012.

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The Times of India published an article with the title “Sardar Patel Awaits National Memorial” at Ahmedabad Gujarat Edition on November 1, 2008.

Shri Pu Lalthanhawla Honorable Chief Minister of Mizoram has given his opinion on Sardar Patel National Memorial.

Shri Diwakar Sastry, Secretary of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation, Delhi has given an interview to ABP News on January 1, 2014 and appealed to the Union Government for allocation a Memorial for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in NCT of Delhi.


Therefore, we earnestly appeal to individuals, trusts & corporate to donate generously to help us to build a Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial in New Delhi, your contribution and support through a donation to the foundation is highly appreciated. Donations made to us are tax exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. We are also registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976. 

Name of Donors contributing maximally will be inscribed on the marble stone in the memorial.In case the donor wants his/her identity to be kept secret, his/her sentiments will be duly hounored.

Thanking you,


Gen. Secretary
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation,
New Delhi