Child Development Unit

Child Development Unit

After Decades of development, it has been recognized that women and children have remained marginalized in the Development process; even though they are the primary users and managers of natural resources. Sardar vallabhbhai patel Foundation believed that involving those who were directly affected by them best solved problems. Thus women and children should directly participate in solving their own problems.


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation focuses on the 4 basic rights of children. These were defined in 1989, by the United Nations convention on the Rights of the child, an International human rights treaty to which 191 countries, including India, are signatories.

The right to survival – To life, health, nutrition, name and nationality.
* The right to development – To education care, leisure, recreation.
* The right to protection – from exploitation, abuse, neglects.
* The right to participation – To expression, information, thought and religion.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation works to ensure that these rights are available to all categories of underprivileged children, including street children bonded in labor, children of commercial sex workers Physically and mentally challenged children.

Our Foundation believes the orphan children need special care and happy atmosphere and excellent care, with a high staff – to- children ratio. Our “ Special Needs”programme helps to place physically, handicapped children, older children and sibling groups, in loving homes. Our Foundation has played a stellar role in promoting good adoption practice throughout the country.

One major step towards implementing measures aimed at ensuring better protection as well as providing a better alternate for rehabilitation and care to children, especially those who are neglected and exposed to various kind of harm is the introduction of the Foster care system. The aim of the foster care system is too provide the children with an alternative family environment, which will faster their physical, emotional and social development.


A creativity center for children for creativity, recreation and leisure activities for children so that children learned a lot about creative activities like flower painting & Rangoli etc. Tours visit is organized for them.


Along with that, the following, International Events are being celebrate

* World Poetry Day
* Universal children’s Day
* Universal Broadcasting Day

The main purpose of the foundation is to provide a safe and conducive environment to children as well as enable victims to voice out their problems and minimize their trauma.


The main objectives are to:

* Reduce harm and prevent further injury or suffering to children victims of violence and abuse.
* Provide accessible, reliable and coordinated guidance on cases of violence and abuse and ensure that the victims receive appropriate medical or other treatment.
* Promote and safeguard the welfare of children.