Why Awards?

Why Awards?

Why Awards?
At present, people are not much aware of the unforgettable role of Sardar Patel “Iron Man of India”. In order to make the memories of this great man alive in the heart of miQllions, this Sardar Patel Award and Sardar Ratna has been constituted by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation a Non-Profit NGO in honour of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel “Iron Man of India”. Sardar Patel Award launched in October 31, 2006 on 131st Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel and Sardar Ratna launched in January 26, 2009 on Republic Day of India The motto of the both Awards is to promote his ideas & well- known philosophy for the National Integration of the country, NRI, PIO or Overseas Citizen of India. In view of his philosophies, both at National & International level, it is imperative to select personalities whose contribution have uplifted the common man to a higher level and helped the society to grow. The awardees are the selected from various field.

Criteria of Awards:
Sardar Patel Award
- Social Development, Youth Development, Agriculture Development, Industrial Development, Technical Development, Economic Development, Human Development, Social Awareness, Women Empowerment, Thoughts & Literature, Cultural Leadership, Academic Leadership, Community Leadership, Business Leadership, Business Administration, Sports, World Peace, Social Justice, Diplomacy, Scientific Research, Education, Linguistics, Film, Drama and Theatre, Art & Culture, Sand Sculpture & Fine Arts, Media & Communication, Technological Management, Software & Information Technology, Medial Research, Neuroscience, Medical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean & Planetary Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Spiritual, Journalism, Wildlife Conservation, etc.

Sardar Ratna- National Unity & Integrity, Popularization of Sardar Patel’s Thoughts, Globalization of Sardar Patel’s Ideology, Popularization Nationalism, Co-operative Movement, World Peace, Youth Development, Thoughts & Literature, Scientific Research Political Leadership, etc.

Award Selection Committee:
Selection Committee comprises of 5 eminent members representing different fields. The Selection Committee is interested in the first instance to shortlist the names of the awardees who meet the prescribed requirements. Generally, 10 names are short-listed from various fields depending upon the achievements of Individuals and their benefit to be derived by the common man from his /her work. The short listed names are forwarded to the Jury for Final Selection.

Selection by Jury:
The Jury comprises of 3 members belonging to relevant fields. The Jury is responsible to scrutinize the short listed nominees & evaluate the likely benefits to be derived by the common man by his / her work. In the final stage, the nominee is selected on the basis of importance of his /her qualification, experience, & impact of his/her research for the overall benefit of the common man and its essential ingredient for the development of the country in the respective fields. The Jury whose decision is final is forwarded to the Foundation & finally approved by the President after Discussion with the Board of Trustees.

Distribution of Awards:
The Award Selection Committee will choose the Personalities on the basis of their achievements and contributions. The Award Ceremony is observed on the eve of the Birth Anniversary (31st Oct.) & Death Anniversary (15th Dec.) of Sardar Patel or any other dates. The Awards will be conferred by the President of India, Vice- President of India, Prime Minister of India, Home Minister of India, Governor of State or any other high officials of Govt. of India.

Who is Eligible for the Awards?
The Award will be conferred to those eminent personalities who are actively associated in the expansion of Sardar Patel’s thoughts and Ideals on National & International level. Any person who qualifies as a NRI, PIO or Overseas Citizen of India.

Who will attend?
Two hundred fifty people will be in attending the award ceremony.