Shri Ram Avtaar Sastry belongs to a revolutionary family and was born on October 5, 1948 in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. His father Late Shri Babu Ram was actively associated with the freedom movement and was privileged to work with Shri Subhas Chandra Bose. His noble mother Smt. Jaidevi was a big supporter of the family and so encouraged her husband to participate in the freedom movement. His ancestral parents were Gujarat- based and effectively participated in the freedom movement in Gujarat.

Patriotism, Feeling of National Integration and love for his country were always inherited in master Sastry since his childhood. Therefore, after completing his education he joined Indian Army on August 02, 1968 as a soldier.

Shri Sastry was inspired by the programmes and policies of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel when he was studying in school. Shri Sastry decided to re-establish the programmes & policies of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to appropriately benefit the democratic setup of the country. Shri Sastry from a very young age was concerned about the neglected & innocent section of the society. There are several examples to justify his concern from time to time. He has been extending financial & physical help to make them sustain their lives under the difficult circumstances. His constant effort to speak for the down- trodden made him popular in the society.

Shri Sastry publicly acclaimed for his efforts made him to realize that the primary policies of a great visionary Statesman, Sardar Patel, have to be rekindled to ensure that the benefits are derived by the common peoples.
Shri Sastry formed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation in 2003, where intellectuals, Politicians, from different fields were invited to assist him to meet the desired end results. Shri Sastry was always keen to propagate the principles of Sardar Patel & decided to use Print Media to do so. Thus, the credit of starting newspapers like' Amrit Mahima' in 1987 & 'Sardar Patel Samachar' in 2002 goes to him. He has successfully utilized these newspapers to raise his voice against the plight of the economically backward section & put forth the ideals of Sardar Patel to reform the prevailing conditions of the society.

Shri Sastry has been honoured with SHANTIDOOT Ambassador of Peace Award for the noteworthy work in the field of peace-education through peace and harmony-propagating, teaching, writing and organizing events from the World Peace Movement Trust, Meerut at the International Seminar in Shridhar University, Pilani, Rajasthan in the year 2013.

Shri Sastry has been honoured with Award on the occasion of unveiling of the plaque celebrating “100th Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: called to Bar on 27th January, 1913” for promoting ideology of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel from The Indo British Cultural Exchange, UK and the British Sikh Association, UK on 27th January, 2014.

Shri Sastry has been honoured with Lord Beden Powell National Award’ 2015 in the field of Public Affairs from the The Scouts/Guides Organisation, New Delhi on 22nd February, 2015.

Shri Sastry has been honoured with Swami Vivekanand Award - 2017 by the Governor of West Bengal Shri Keshri Nath Tripathi in the field of Public Affairs & Spiritual. Program organized by the Sister Margate Foundation, Kolkatta on 21st December, 2017.